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Kite Spirituality

I’ve written before about my distaste for the strange obsession some in the Christian Church have for Quiet. Before those of you who find sitting still and silent helpful, pick up your ball and play somewhere else – hear me out – I am NOT against quiet or quiet times. What bothers me is the common notion in the Church today that quiet is the ONLY way to experience God.

I am an active person, I fidget a lot and I have a lot of energy – when I relax I relax with others or listen to the radio etc. This is how God has made me. So why should I expect a quiet spirituality to suit my personality type?

When I want to be close to God – I go for long walks, or fly a kite. I shout or sing out loud to God. Thats how I find I can meet with Him.

I have met too many people who see this as a weakness. That some how not favouring a quiet spirituality makes you a second-class Christian – I have even met people who have doubted my faith because of my preference for noisy ‘quiet times’.

None of this is too say that I don’t occasionally find quiet useful, but by and large it is through noisy and activity that I find I meet God best.

So if you prefer noise then revel in it! If you are someone who prefers quiet – GREAT! Just remember that there are other spiritualities in the Christian faith too.


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