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Well New Wine is over, we have been back since late Saturday. The biggest thing for us to mull over has been the healing of Molly. Since she was 18 months old she has suffered from Coeliacs Disease, a condition of the stomach lining which meant she was violently and persistently sick if she ate so much as a crumb of food containing Gluten.

On Tuesday night Kat was prayed for on her behalf during a meeting led by Bill Johnson. And it seems she has been healed. It took us and her a long time to get the courage to try it, but she had a dream that seemed to be a confirmation of the healing so we gave it a go.

It really is a miracle. But also a lesson in trusting God. It is much easier to trust God for yourself than it is to trust for a loved one. As Molly’s parents it is our job to protect her, so feeding her gluten is against all we have learnt over the last 5 and a half years.

Yet God is faithful and he seems to stand in us, even when we find it hard to trust in him.

Just as well really!


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