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The Greatest Trick the Devil ever pulled….?

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”

In 1864 the French poet Baudelaire coined that phrase more recently made more famous by the film The Usual Suspects. And while it still holds true today I wonder if this is no longer his greatest trick.

I wonder if in fact the greatest feat pulled off by Satan over the period of the 20th Century was to convince the 21st Century world that it does not need their Fathers. It took him a long time to achieve, it took the annihilation of two generations of Fathers through global scale warfare, it took a whole raft of medical ‘breakthroughs’ which slow eliminated the physical need of a male parent and it took a series of liberal laws on family to devalue the male role in the household, and finally it took a particularly militant form of feminism to bad-mouth and demonise all men and therefore Fathers.

But over the course of the last Century the devil achieved the desired results, and we started the 21st Century since the birth of Christ with a world-view that at best has a very low view of Fatherhood, at worst, believes no-one actually needs a Dad.

Fathers are vital, they are part of the intended family unit. I am not talking in some kind Dickensian manner expecting Fathers to be the Bread Winners and the ‘little woman’ to stay at home all meek and mild. BUT even in our equality society when Men and Women, quite rightly, have parity in work and the home, there is still a place for Fathers, for men.

I genuinely believe that a lot of the issues we face today in society are down to the family break up we see around us. That is not to apportion blame to single-parent homes, but to acknowledge the truth that many, perhaps the majority, of young men today don’t know how to be Fathers or Husbands, and because of generations of Fatherless households, many young women don’t know how to be wives or partners. There has been no-one for them to base their relationship role on.

So lets call on men to be Men. Lets call on the Men we know to take their role in the home as Fathers that complement the equally important role of Women and Mothers.

Come on Men, get off the Wii and start being a Man.


One thought on “The Greatest Trick the Devil ever pulled….?

  1. Wow, superb stuff Mr M. We men & fathers have a lot to do to put this world in a better place. We have a strong role to play, and need to encourage each other to do so. I picked up a bunch of stuff from New Wine, mostly from the guys behind this site (Christian Vision for Men) .Come on guys, support each other to become a rock for your family and friends!

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