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A time paradox

Those of you that ever read my Kite Spirituality Blog (not many of you. hence why I started this one instead!) or the earlier posts on this site, will know about my distaste for quiet. Now as I have said before – I don’t think quiet is bad, indeed the reverse, its just that I believe there are other equally valid forms of Spirituality.

Now I profess after a hectic first week back from my holiday I find I could very much do with a patch of quiet.

The problem is the eternal time paradox. I have so much to that at the moment that I cannot possibly consider taking time out to walk, or fly the kites or just to sit quietly somewhere. HOWEVER, I know that if I don’t do those things I know I will not get any of the things that need doing, done.

If reminds me of something Douglas Adams said in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

History is an illusion caused by the passage of time.
Time is an illusion caused by the passage of history

So I need God to provide me some time so that I can spend some time with him and then have less time in order to do everything I need to get done.

SO tomorrow I am going to climb a hill, and spend sometime with God. If as a result I don’t have sermon for Sunday perhaps we’ll just spend that time in quiet too! 🙂


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