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Hitting the Scales

One of the great challenges of life, and Parish life is no different, is what I call ‘getting the balance right’. Whether it is balancing family and friends, work and socialising, or – as has been the case these past few weeks for me – Pastoral and Functional work.

Let me Explain:

Most ministers and pastors, I suspect, would like to think they are called to the Pastoral Ministry (capitals deliberate) i.e. a ministry of caring, being, loving and looking after what the Book of Common Prayer calls ‘the Cure of Souls’. However, we are also all bound to an endless cycle of Sunday services and mid-week meetings. None of these functional aspects of the ministry go away when there is a series of pastoral crisis’.

The eternal challenge is giving these meetings and service your all – while still finding time to see people, meet folk and make sure those in need get a visit, communion or just a simple chat.

When I was at vicar factory we were told that a good sermon requires 1 hour spent on it for every minute preached. That would mean that your average Sunday morning fare would require 15 hours preparation to preach and an evening sermon could take up to 45 hours to prepare! Really! Who has that sort of time?

So exactly how are you meant to get the balance right between home and work – especially if your place of work is your home?

….No! I am actually asking…..


…..any answers appreciated…..



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