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Christmas Disbelief

Read This!

According to this piece of research commissioned by St Helen’s Bishopsgate

“More than a fifth of Christians who answered said they did not believe Jesus was both God and Man”

Then they are not Christians. End of story.

Either way to some people of faith it will be alarming to read that so many people just don’t buy the traditional nativity story. I’d like to read what the research actually says. I suspect that yet again there is a skewing of fact by dear old Auntie here.

However such results are hardly surprising and are the result of the consistent failure of the Church to take it’s message in any meaningful way out to the streets. Thankfully I think the tide is turning. It is not the Church’s job to *make* people believe, but it is our job to give people the option. To do that we need to be prepared to take risks, to go out and tell people about Christ.

Ultimately freewill means that folk will always have the choice. Unfortunately at the moment they don’t have the facts to make an informed choice.

Once upon a time Christian belief was inherited. In Britain today scepticism is the inherited belief form. Our job is to show the alternative.


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