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Ebb and Flow

So the hustle and bustle of Christmas is passed and I find myself in that curious period of in-between time that is the last week of December.

As far as work goes things are very quiet, we had a service to prepare on the 28th, but other than that this week is an oasis of calm in the storm that is the rest of the festive season. No-one really wants to see a cleric this week, most folk are either entertaining family or being entertained by them or at least still clearing up the aftermath of rellies and Christmas. Even funerals are on short supply this week (despite the cold snap). So it is a low week.

In terms of home life of course much of the routine remains, we still have four small people to get up and dressed everyday although the morning time-scale is much longer than in term time. But there is still the post-Christmas after glow here at the Curate-age. The presents are still being played with in a new found glee some gifts are being re-discovered after disappearing under discarded wrapping paper on Christmas day. Number 1 child even found a present she had missed in her stocking and was yet to be unwrapped!

All-in-all there is something tranquil about this time of year, I think in many ways I look forward to this week more than the Day itself.

Next week of course all will be busy again, the children go back to school on Monday, number 3 goes to nursery for the first time one day a week, a lot ‘new year, new start’ stuff happens. Alpha and Freedom in christ get under way again, small groups resume, regular team meetings and even a vision day all loom in the diary.

But that is next week, and as everyone knows you don’t ned to think about that until you turn the page in your diary, filofax or boot your PDA *[Delete as applicable].

For now I am going to relax in to another post-Christmas stupor – mince pie anyone?


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