The unforgivable sin?

I realise that recently I have been committing a great sin, perhaps the greatest sin in the blogging world. An almost total lack of posts. So I want to repent now as I type and acknowledge that yes, I have been neglecting my blog (I have been busy, but repentance requires no explanations!). It maybe that the three of you that read it, haven’t really noticed but just because a sin goes un-noticed doesn’t make it any less a sin.

The bible seems to suggest that there is only one sin that is unforgivable – the rather enigmatic offence of ‘blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, yet scholars and believers seem to be divided as to what that sin actually is. the most prevalent view these days seems to be that it is once you have knowledge and understanding about God through Jesus refusing or turning away his gift of the Holy Spirit. In other words choosing, in full knowledge the consequences to go your way rather than God’s. Not just in the day-to-day battles where we often find ourselves in situations where we have made erroneous decisions as Christians, Jesus died and rose again so we COULD make those mistakes and still find forgiveness.

But rather Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit seems to be the decision that having weighed up Christ’s sacrifice and all it entails, deciding that you don’t need to seek forgiveness, you don’t need to submit yourself to God, you don’t need to live life God’s way.

Yet, it seems to me that there is still a way back from that, for if you have rejected the Holy Spirit at one point it your life, God is still only ‘one turn’ away.

Now I am not a heavy weight theologian, so my understanding of this is probably flawed, but what I know of God suggests to me that there is still time to come in, if we are prepared to admit our need for his love, our arrogance in the past and just say ‘yes Lord, I did it, I am sorry’

The trouble is that if you have made that decision to rejects God’s gift of the spirit – there is a chance that you will never get to that place of humble repentance.

Crickey! That did get heavy, I planned a light post about my recent in activity and look where we ended up! I was about to delete those comments and attempt a lighter tone as planned, but I feel that perhaps there is a reason, other than my laterally wired brain that we ended up there, so I shall let it stand.

Either way I shall try to post more regularly from now on!


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