Bring on the Beans

Well, I finally made a decision.

I just could not think of a good enough reason to give up coffee. I cannot see how it would impact any benefit on my spiritual life or in what way it would help me find the discipline I need in my prayer life.

If I think i drink to much coffee then I should be willing to regulate my intake as a matter of course and not use the Church calendar as an excuse to do something I should do any way.

Galatians says that ‘self-control’ is one of the gifts of the spirit. if I feel I have lost control of my coffee drinking then I need to recover the self-control, not give up something i should be addressing anyway and get to look pious into the bargain.

Perhaps this is the danger of lent, falling into the trap of giving up something ‘for God’ that in actual fact only benefits us.

The reverse danger of course is also prevalent: Giving up something that isn’t an issue in our lives – the net result being we get to look holy or pious.

The internal dilemma I have had over my Lenten plan, has highlighted that perhaps I should be regulating my coffee intake regardless of lent. So over the next few weeks that is what I intend to do.

As for lent, my goal is to be more disciplined in Prayer and Bible study. Admittedly I have not had a good start to that, but if I allow a Lenten goal to make me guilty then I am allowing the enemy to use Lent against me

Hopefully a Wise lady I know and I will get time to do a regular study together over the next 40 days.

Looking forward to that.


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