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Rumours of our death have been exaggerated

I am writing this from the the crowded seat of the ‘quiet carriage’ of a Cross Country Trains Edinburgh – Penzance express. Frankly express is a bit of a misnomer. This particular train is currently 57 minutes late and I suspect I have missed my connections home to Warminster from Bristol Temple Meads. Travelling by… Continue reading Rumours of our death have been exaggerated

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Expected Behavioural Differences

Recently heard this article mentioned in a lecture on Evangelism, it has been haunting me ever since. Many of you may have already read Mr Whyte’s comments, I think it is an article which caused quite a stir when it was printed back in September 08. The thing is, while I disagree with Jamie’s conclusions,… Continue reading Expected Behavioural Differences

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Unavoidable Blockage?

Interesting re-reading my last post after a very busy couple of weeks. My thoughts on Twitter could not be more different. If anything I am enjoying tweeting and reading tweets more than Facebook. Perhaps this is because it is new, but then again perhaps it is because it has opened a new spectrum of networking… Continue reading Unavoidable Blockage?


What a twit (ter)

I have this week finally succumbed to the hype surrounding Twitter. Now I am only a few days in, but I am struggling to work out what all the fuss is about. Don’t get me wrong, this is not going to be a post about the evils of social network sites and the like. As… Continue reading What a twit (ter)


Shooting Arrows

Right now I am all over the place. As well as the weekly routine, I have another event taking focus. On Sunday I head up to Sheffield to take part in the first Residential of the CPAS Arrow Leeadership programme. The Arrow course is designed to help skill leaders for the future, it has been… Continue reading Shooting Arrows