Shooting Arrows

Right now I am all over the place. As well as the weekly routine, I have another event taking focus. On Sunday I head up to Sheffield to take part in the first Residential of the CPAS Arrow Leeadership programme. The Arrow course is designed to help skill leaders for the future, it has been running 10 years and has a really good reputation. To be honest when I applied I don’t think I really thought I’d get on, but I did and so far it all looks both exciting and a little scary.

Right now I am ill prepared to go off on Sunday, there is loads of work that will be left undone for the parish and I am not really up together with all the work that needs doing for the residential. It’s my own fault, they told us before we signed up that the commitment was about 3 hours a week, and had I actually spent that time on it I would have been up together now.

So here I am, trying to think about who my mentors have been, trying to draw (yes DRAW) two people who I want to pray for and I still have 80 pages of two books to read.

On the plus side I also have to sit down later and watch Star Wars and comment on the mentoring relationships in that film, so it is not all bad!

My intention is to journal some of my experience with Arrow, but not here, although I think I may use a blog for this journalling as this is a way I find I can record my thoughts. For this purpose I have set up a second blog The Arrow of Doubtnot that I expect anyone to read it, and it is largely for my own musings, but do drop by if you feel so motivated.


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