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Expected Behavioural Differences

Recently heard this article mentioned in a lecture on Evangelism, it has been haunting me ever since.

Many of you may have already read Mr Whyte’s comments, I think it is an article which caused quite a stir when it was printed back in September 08.

The thing is, while I disagree with Jamie’s conclusions, I cannot but help feel he has a point. Where is that Expected Behavioural Difference he talks about? I know for sure it is something missing from my life.

Sure, there is a lot to be said for the Christian to be and appear ‘normal’ (whatever that is) BUT there should be something that sets us apart from others. Not in a holier-than-thou sense, but rather in a way that is more inexplicable, yet noticeable.

Where are the differences in our lives as Christians that make us different from others, where are the noticeably different priorities in our lives, where are we clearly and obviously counter-cultural?

No matter where we are, what we are doing we never cease to be followers of Christ. So we should not cease to show the differences in us who are followers.

Now I am not suggesting that we should all be sandal-wearing-guitar-toting-tambourine-bashing-aaran-sweater-wearing-Jesus freaks but there should be something about the way we live our lives that makes us stand out as Kingdom People.

Part of that EBD should be the burning desire for those we know and love to know the passionate, redemptive love of Christ. I know that is something missing in my own life.

Showing that EBD that Jamie Whyte fails to see around him mean being prepared to live our lives openly for God. Following his ways, responding to the situations he puts us in, in godly ways. It means being prepared to take risks, to look foolish, to occasionally risk our carefully sculpted façades and become vulnerable.

Can we do this? Can I do this? I hope so, it just a little bit of what I can give to the God who sacrificed so much for me.


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