Church of England

How many anglicans…

…does it take to change a light bulb?


It is early on Saturday morning and as I put the finishing touches to tomorrow’s service three of my little ones are watching ‘Postman Pat’s Special Delivery Service’. To the uninitiated this particular piece of children’s TV is the latest Postman Pat series and it is an abomination to all things good and pleasant.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not someone who is a big Postman Pat fan, I am a generation or so to old for the original series to have made much impact on my life being more of a Magic-Roundabout, Bagpuss and Ivor the Engine man.

But I do find something extremely unpalatable about the way in which TV producers are no longer innovating but rather mining the archives of our childhoods looking for new shows.

What is it about these shows of our childhoods that have more appeal than the yet un-mined expanse of the human imagination – and why the need to take something and change it.

A few years ago US movie producers made a new film that was originally billed as a remake of the British Classic The Italian Job yet if anyone has seen it they will no it is no remake. It has the same title, it has the same character names and it involves gold and three minis, but it is NOT the same film in any other way.

It is a strange thing we seem to be in times that innovate less and re-invent more.

In the Church of course we have a hard time with change full-stop. It is a peculiar phenomenon that make people who in other areas of life embrace change and new enterprises suddenly bolt down when we talk about change in Church.

Yet change in church, though sometimes innovative, are only ever truly re-convention. It is the only way it can be, our message as a Church is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow – all we do is re-invent the methods of communication.


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