thanks for the memory

Here’s a thing. Today is the 31st of July 2009. An unremarkable date. Yet I can tell you that it is Chris Noviss’ sister’s Birthday.



Chris was a guy I knew in my Upper School, for three years he was one of my mates. Despite not seeing Chris, who is now I believe an Officer in the Royal Signals, for at least 17 years, despite not even remembering his siter’s name, despite the fact that I only met her once or twice I remember that today is her Birthday.

I have no idea why, of all the dates I’ve known, of all the people I’ve met – this date is one that sticks in the memory.

That’s the thing with memory – you can’t choose what to it does.

Anyone who has been in close quarters with someone suffering that cruelest of diseases Dementia will know what I mean. Has dementia progresses one see’s the occasional glimpse of ‘the person’ behind the disease, often in a random memory that had the person been healthy they would have thought long forgotten.

I once had the privilege of ministering to a lady in such a state. In her last days she was reliving experiences from her life, remembering things that were once insignificant but which surfaced in her confused state. One of the most humbling things I’ve had to do was stand in place of a clergy person who had upset her many moons ago.

Memory is odd.

Anyways enough ramblings for now.


One thought on “thanks for the memory

  1. It's mine as well :-DI have met an amazing number of people also born on the same day – Dave Gorman style. I remember summer camp when I was 21, one of the young leaders was 16 and one of the kids was 11!There was even a fellow candidate on my BAP who was anticipating hearing from her Bishop, like me, on our shared birthday.

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