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Christmas and all that.

Well I'm back after an extended break – I'm not allowed to go into too many details because apparently people convicted of crime and duly sentenced by the legal system have rights not afforded to the victims.

But enough about that – it is Christmas.

Normally I love Christmas – I love the excitement of the gift giving and receiving. I love the celebration of Christ's birth. I love doing the family thing.

Yet this year I have felt ill prepared and generally out of sorts with Christmas.

Now I must be honest and say that in the past 6 months we as a family have led an odd existence – largely because of the elephant-on-the-blog I mentioned earlier.

We have become out of phase with the realities of life going on outside of the issues that have been consuming so much of our thoughts, prayers and emotions.

Christmas has hit us like a brick wall.

So here I am on boxing day, hiding in our bedroom at Mother-in-Law's house – the others (all 15 of them) are playing the quiz we call "sinbin" which I struggle with even in the best of years.

There is something different about it this year. I'm not sure if it is just me or us, but I feel much less inclined to engage in the trimmings of Christmas.

It really feels like we missed something this year in our worship of Christ, who's birth we are meant to be celebrating.

If I'm honest I just feel tired and worn out by it all.

Surely there is more to it than this…?

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