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T-1 Week

Well after the debacle of moving and a lovely lazy 4 weeks or so in our new house we are now into the serious countdown time to the start of the new post here in Dorset.

It is an interesting time, as I come to terms with the responsibility God is leading me into as Vicar of this Parish and my role as Team Vicar within the wider benefice. Although essentially one role, there will be a dual aspect to my ministry here as I will be working in a community for whom I shall be ‘The Vicar’ while still being part of a collaborative team working for a larger grouping.

The start of any new role or job is always filled with both excitement and apprehension. This role is no different.

For both the parish and ourselves as a family and me as a leader it is going to be a time of adjustment and change. Change is exciting, especially as God has a habit of having different priorities to us.

So in this last week is a time of enjoying the last of our break, while preparing physically, mentally and spiritually for the new role and the journey we will experience together here in the village.


3 thoughts on “T-1 Week

  1. Hope everything goes well and you all adjust well to the move.Practical question about moving parishes with a long break between: do you still get paid between posts?

  2. Hi Liz,Yes you do! The Bishops like you to take time between posts in order to properly leave and settle in the new parish. However until you are licensed in the new role you technically remain in your previous position – so until Wednesday I remain the Curate at Christ Church and the stipend reflects that.

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