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Christmas Morning

A Narrative talk for Christmas Day.

I can’t really believe we are here. 

We’ve been journeying for so long.  It was months ago we first started to see the signs of his coming.  The portents were there if you knew where to look. And then that star – so unlike any we’ve seen in our sky before.  We knew we had to follow it, we knew what this meant – it was written in prophecy so many centuries ago.  

Like I said we’ve come a long way and to be honest we don’t feel very wise – we let our heads overrule our hearts, ignored our faith, ignored the prophecy and went the wrong way, we went to the place where wisdom said a King should be born and in the process have endangered this special little boy.

I can’t really believe we are here. 

And look there he is lying in that feeding trough.  My goodness he is so small. I mean I knew he’d be a baby – but somehow I expected more of a baby king. 

Oh, his mum is just there, we must talk to her. The poor creature looks so tired and yet she is radiant too. She’s telling us about the birth – the pain and the cold, as she went into labour here in this drafty animal shelter.  You can see where they’ve cleared up the mess too – but there’s nice fresh straw down now. 

It must have been so frightening particularly for such a young mum. But then at the end of it this beautiful olive-skinned baby. 

He’s been fed and he’s asleep now, so quiet and content.  In fact there is a real peace about this little huddle of people.   Dad looks so awe-struck – he keeps checking the little lad, making sure he is warm and comfortable.

I can’t really believe we are here. 

It’s hard to believe the prophecies about him now you see him, so small and vulnerable – its times like this you wonder if God really knows what he is doing.  And yet in the peace of this holy moment there is a palpable sense that something big is about to unfold.

It’s almost as if the whole of history hinges on this moment.  It feels like we are putting all that is past away and opening up something new for the future.  Just like the writings say.

I can’t really believe we are here. 

Of course the writings say other things too. Things you don’t like to think about at the miracle of a birth. Things about what this wee babe must go through, what must happen to him because of us. 
Things that are almost unspeakable. Things that would both break your heart and yet give you peace and hope beyond anything else in the universe.

But he will be pierced for our transgressions, he will be crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that will bring us peace will be upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.
I can’t really believe HE is here.

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