Fatherly Prayer: Luke 11 & Matthew 6

Prayer, this morning I read 2 accounts of Jesus’ instructions to the
disciples about prayer. in both he extols us to pray using what we now
call the Lord’s Prayer. but in this reading from Luke he also gives us
application! At first the teaching on asking the neighbour for bread
seems to have little relevence to the passage – but then Jesus turns
it around and hammers the point home with the old ‘fish and scorpion’
that alone says more about our intended relationship with God than
anything else –
God is not after a relationship with us as neighbours or
acquaintances, though he WILL honour us in that if it is all we are
prepared to give him.
But rather his desire is to know us as Children, that we should have
an unfailing Father, who desires to give us the good things we need in
life and not lead us into the things that will sting us, and
ultimately bring death.
But it is up to us to allow our relationship to go to that level with Him.
Are we ready to be more than God’s acquaintances, to allow ourselves
to have a relationship with a Father that won’t fail us?


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