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#NotoAV – I use Linux

I’ve said No to AV.

I’m a linux user, I don’t need Anti-Virus.

Microsoft designed Windows to enable outsiders to execute software on your system. The company justifies that design by saying it enriches the user experience if a Web site can do “cool” things on your desktop.

Viruses in Windows is usually spread by email clients, browser, or IM client, which graciously accept the poisoned fruit from others, then neatly deposit it on their masters’ systems, where malware authors know it will likely be executed and do their bidding — without ever asking permission.

On Linux, there is built-in protection against this. Newly deposited files from your email or Web browser are not given execute privileges. Cleverly renaming executable files as something else doesn’t matter, because Linux and its applications don’t depend on file extensions to identify the properties of a file, so they won’t mistakenly execute malware as they interact with it.

Yes, there are dangers, yes it pays to be careful with my system. But I my PC remains virus and malware free without the need for AV.

I’ve said no to AV why don’t you too?


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