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Denial of Britishness

Sorry for the Hiatus folks, this is the first post in a while.

As I write this Andy Murray is 2 sets down in the Wimbledon Men’s semi-final.  having, as always, been built up to a frenzy the British number one is in the un-enviable position of playing someone better at Tennis than he is, but with the added media and social pressure of expectation that he will somehow manage a win.

I would love to see a British champion, but lets be honest here, Andy fourth (or is it fifth) in the world for a reason – there are at least 3 other played better at Tennis than he is.

He may yet pull things back and win this match, he may even somehow against the odds go on to win the final.  but its not too realistic a prospect really.

The thing I find fascinating is the very British was we go about our support for whoever is the op UK player in any given year.We go in with absolute support, we believe as he plays people not as good as him that as he progresses it must be ‘his’ year to win the big one.  Then we get to week 2 and a kind of frenzied cynicism takes over.  We all watch daring to believe it might happen but hiding our hopes in a veil of cynical ‘of course he’ll choke it’ attitude.

Neither approach is at all realistic or honest.

The reason Andy Murray and Tim Henman before him are unlikely champions is because they are not as good at the sport as the men they are playing.

When Henman got to the final, was leading then saw his game collapse after being rained off, it wasn’t that he was robbed by the weather – but that he played someone with a better trained mental accumen for the tensions of rained off game.  it was never some how feted to be ‘his year’.

I really really hope we live to see a British WORLD number 1, I really hope Murray does pull off the unlikely this year or next. 

Buts lets all stop being so typically British about the whole thing.


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