its CULL time.

I am finally having a purge of folk I follow on twitter.

I love twitter, I love the people I have got to know, the joys and the hardships I have been able to share in through my online community.  I love the idea sharing, the support and laughs.  But there is one thing I am really, really fed up with:

People whose streams are nothing but platitudes, quotes (scripture or otherwise) and ‘inspirational’ thoughts or calls to action.  Now, if I am honest I have at times tweeted everyone of those things – there is nothing wrong with sharing any of these things when you feel particularly motivated to do so.

My beef is those folk who have accounts that are only ever used for these things.  Twitter is such an amazing space, a place to share in and to enjoy, why would you miss the opportunity to be part of it in a meaningful way.

The other thing is that twitter is public space. What image are people of faith giving of the Church if this stuff is all that gets posted by pastors, ministers and the well known Christians? For years the Church has been perceived as pious and distant. Its our job as people of faith to be real, to share our ups AND downs. Life with Christ is amazing and grace filled – but frankly life itself can be a bit shit sometimes; we can share those times and be real about it.  It maybe our faith that sustains us, we may have unbelievable joy because of all the Christ has done for us, but we don’t have to be smug about it.

So sorry folks if thats you it is time for us to part our ways. Goodbye, God Bless.


One thought on “its CULL time.

  1. VERY aware of the points that you make – and try to avoid them. For me, Twitter is a 'meeting place' – the digital equivalent of the marketplace/ street corner. Not a place to SHOUT or to preach – but to meet, on equal terms. See recent post :"just remembered why I am on Twitter"

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