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Illiberal liberalism

A very unusual thing happened to me today.  During a debate on twitter about women priests and bishops  I was called liberal. This is a first for me! Now much as I love the West Wing – I personally have never liked the term liberal, neither do I consider myself liberal. Far from it. Now… Continue reading Illiberal liberalism

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E100 Judges (a sermon)

In our society it seems that we are fast becoming devoid of God. It’s seems that everyone’s pursuit is in self-gratification. It’s about ‘who I am’ and not about ‘who anybody else is’. We have a world that worships self without regard to another person. But the reality of it all is that we live… Continue reading E100 Judges (a sermon)

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When Worship ‘Goes Wrong’

I’ve just got back from two of our 3 services today (we bought in hired help for the BCP 8am as I had to drop Ratryn at the coach station).  Our more traditional service went well, as far as I can tell – I felt like we worshipped together and though numbers were low, it… Continue reading When Worship ‘Goes Wrong’

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All alone.

Ratryn is off on her first Arrow Leadership residential tomorrow.  You can read about how she’s getting on with arrow here I am really excited for her, I did the Arrow programme myself back in 2009-10 and its the single most foundational thing I have done on terms om my leadership and living a fully… Continue reading All alone.

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The trouble with regular Blogging. A response to the Beaker Folk.

The Beaker folk of Husborn Crawley tweeted a link to their blog about the dire state of our Church Blogs in England. This is indeed a worthy cause and one worth responding to – I urge you to get behind his campaign. But…..I also acknowledge the difficulty of blogging in our Churches.  For in these days of… Continue reading The trouble with regular Blogging. A response to the Beaker Folk.


New Home

Welcome if you’ve just landed here from the old Blogspot site. I’ve moved to wordpress because it is a better and more versatile platform for blogging.  Also it seems to me a likely hood that Blogger will soon be subsisted into the pointless Google+ environment. Having closed my G+ account during the public beta I… Continue reading New Home