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All alone.

Ratryn is off on her first Arrow Leadership residential tomorrow.  You can read about how she’s getting on with arrow here I am really excited for her, I did the Arrow programme myself back in 2009-10 and its the single most foundational thing I have done on terms om my leadership and living a fully integrated life.

As a couple we have always felt called to leadership together, it is one of the constant challenges we face on how we work that out in a Church that goes out of its way to avoid the expectation that clergy spouses will be an unpaid extra pair of hands (talking of which have you ever noticed the stereotypes that exist about pearl-wearing, flower-arranging vicars wives don’t seem to exist for vicar’s husbands?).  I am really excited that the arrow guys have seen the way we lead together as a valid form of leadership and are happy to invest in ratryn in this way.

So tomorrow at 8am I drop my lovely wife at the bus station so she can spend 8hours on National Express getting to Sheffield. And then it’s just me and the Littlewaxes until Friday.

Should be fun but when you lead together it is always harder to work when half the team is missing. My fear is that it may be impossible to achieve anything meaningful at all!


One thought on “All alone.

  1. I am very much aware of the lack of expectation for clergy husbands. Phil has quite enjoyed not having any expectations put on him. On the other hand, I am still vigorously defending myself from flower-arranging duties. Hope you have a great week with the little waxes, who must be much bigger (and more numerous) than when we saw them last.

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