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The trouble with regular Blogging. A response to the Beaker Folk.

The Beaker folk of Husborn Crawley tweeted a link to their blog about the dire state of our Church Blogs in England. This is indeed a worthy cause and one worth responding to – I urge you to get behind his campaign.

But…..I also acknowledge the difficulty of blogging in our Churches.  For in these days of multi-church benefices, clergy spread thinly across the deaneries and common-tenure working agreements the primacy of blogging has had to take a back seat.

Gone are the days of the country parson aided by a team of clerical staff and servants could sit back in his study reading, broadening his mind and engaging in a little blogging on the string & steam powered imperial interweb.  Leaving the liturgical and preaching duties to his minions and only pausing in his dedication to the national Church to feign loyalty and  prostrate himself before the feet of his better and social superior the ‘patron’.

It ain’t what it use to be.

Most Church blogs are updated by clergy and other leaders (who usually have full-time jobs) many even have families (shock!) and often blogging by nature just becomes a secondary concern. Even The Church Mouse once one of the most prolific and informed bloggers took a back seat when little mice came along.

I, frankly, blame theological colleges for not instilling a love of blogging and the heritage and  history of blogging in the church in it’s ordinands and lay readers.  What would Cranmer Say?




3 thoughts on “The trouble with regular Blogging. A response to the Beaker Folk.

  1. Blogging for anyone who is in full-time ministry must of necessity be a luxury. I blog occasionally and finding the time can be a problem, and I am retired (not from Ministry).

    I am always amused by the thought, originality and volume of the Beaker Folk blog posts, particularly as they are authored by one individual who has lots of other things going on in their life. I wish I had their imagination.

    I suspect that blogging might be well reserved for when we have something valid to say.

  2. So what you’re saying is that it’s easy for these urban mega-blogs, with admin assistance and maybe even assistant bloggers – but a rural multi-blog ministry is another matter?

  3. I haven’t worked out what the REAL purpose of blogging is yet.

    Maybe it’s to so that we can share those ideas do that LOL thingy (that’s laugh out loud, obviously) and I I am grateful, for laughter is the BEST medicine, so they say. Of perhaps for those posts that do other LOL thingy (lots of love); sharing in wonderful and weird experience of trying to follow GodtheFatherChristJesusHolySpirit (still haven’t got it quite sorted out who is which, when and how).

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