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When Worship ‘Goes Wrong’

I’ve just got back from two of our 3 services today (we bought in hired help for the BCP 8am as I had to drop Ratryn at the coach station).  Our more traditional service went well, as far as I can tell – I felt like we worshipped together and though numbers were low, it felt like family today.

The @eleven informal service though was a bit of a damp squib. Normally the place that is a busy and interactive today everything seemed to fall flat.  The technology went wrong. Songs failed us (we are using video projected songs at the moment) and because we met in a different hall at the village community centre than normal  alll the acoustics were echo-ey  and noise control was a real issue.

Faulty Worship?

Add to that the sudden temporary change in demographics – the Under 11s we normally have were mostly missing, my own littlewaxes are staying with Granny this morning, and there was an increase in babies and under 3’s.  A huge delight – but it did mean the all age resources I’d prepared for our normal congregation were completely inappropriate.

Plus we had a good number of visitors – again a great delight but the knock on effect is often less volume in our sung worship than we might have expected for the number of folk gathered.

All in all – out @eleven worship was a disappointing experience for me as the leader today.

That said.  Who am I to judge the quality of praise to our Lord & King?  What is worship? Who am I seeking to please?

My hope is that flawed though what I prepared was, that people were moved on in their relationship with God even just a little – that some nugget of truth rests in the hearts of those who do not yet know God and that people felt at home and welcome.

We prepare what we prepare – sometimes Good, sometimes not so good in earthly terms. The rest is up to God.


4 thoughts on “When Worship ‘Goes Wrong’

  1. A salutary lesson in why we must not trust our feelings at all? Thank goodness worship has nothing to do with feelings! I don’t think worship can go well or go badly – though the worship leader can facilitate, it’s between the individual and God, and anyway the Spirit makes up for our shortcomings 🙂

    1. I agree that worship is between God & the individual. However when the leader fails to facilitate well it brings a limitation to how the individual is freed to worship. That I think is where I failed our community last week.

    1. I think that was what I was trying to say. But it is possible to limit the freedom an individual can have in worship if the leader fails in their role as the facilitator for worship. This is where my responsibility was on this Sunday.

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