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Illiberal liberalism

A very unusual thing happened to me today.  During a debate on twitter about women priests and bishops  I was called liberal.

This is a first for me!

Now much as I love the West Wing – I personally have never liked the term liberal, neither do I consider myself liberal. Far from it. Now I don’t like pigeon holing – it assumes too much but if I had to pin colours to  a mast I am happy to say I am an evangelical and  ‘conservative’ Christian (not though a conservative evangelical) and by and large have, what I would like to think of as, a considered orthodoxy.

However I am a Christian conservative that is happy to be challanged with alternate views. I hope I don’t allow my conservatism to get in the way of my learning, being open to the still small voice of God or that dreaded word in the Church – “change”.

I believe in  God’s call to to women to the priesthood and the episcopacy (vicars & bishops!). I am happy to have my views (such as they are) on human sexuality challenged and debated.

I am an orthodox Christian trying to live in God’s changing world and Church and to work out his call on us individually and as a body corporate.  Most of all I believe that Jesus’ primary concern was for us to love one another with the love he showed us.  To accept one another and not to judge – so that we might be effective witnesses of his Holy gospel –  that the people he loved so much he died for them, might come to know him.

So if that makes me liberal I am right up there with Matt Santos ‘Call me liberal’.  Bring it on.


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