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Avoiding Confrontation

I do love a good debate and I find twitter a great place for this sort of dialogue.  But at the same time I am also oddly nervous of the confrontation it brings. I don’t like the idea I am steam rolling my views on others (I hope I don’t). And equally I don’t like it when my views are dismissed or considered inconsequential.

Last week during such debates I had my theology called weak and was also told that I didn’t understand the issues. The trouble with debate when it descends to this level is it makes me want to not engage in the issues again.  This I realise is my own weakness, but somehow when it gets personal I find my desire to discuss things quells.


Then I find my self avoiding confrontation, or as I did this morning on Facebook, entering into a debate then avoiding checking back to see if there has been a response.  I know I should have more conviction in my views than this, but I guess I would rather just avoid the confrontation.


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