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In good times & bad

In good times & bad

Wasn’t 2012 an amazing year for the country? Despite the ongoing economic woes we had the Queens Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and to end with the news that we have a new heir to the throne on the way. A year to celebrate for our nation. But I wonder how 2012 was for you?

We may have had a good year, we may have had a bad year. Perhaps you’ve seen the joy of a growing family with new children or grandchildren. Perhaps you’ve suffered the pain of losing a loved one in the past 12 months.

I believe that we very much live in different seasons of life. There seem to me to be times when life is very good – the sun seem to be shining and a bit like last year for the UK lots of good things seem to happen. But there are other seasons when its just hard, illness, bereavement, crisis’s flood our why and we wonder ‘why me?’

The Bible says in the book Ecclesiastes “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” and in his letter to the Christians in 1st Century Rome Paul says “Nothing canseparate us from the live of God”

No matter how your 2012 was whether it was good or bad, hard or full of joy God walked it alongside you desperate to be involved. He was there wanting to be part the celebrations, and there grieving with us when we were hurting. Someone once said that God is a ‘gentleman’ he won’t interfere where he is not wanted. We need to invite him into our lives before he can share fully in our celebrations and in our grief.

Having faith has never been about being certain that nothing bad will ever happen to us, it is not some sort of cosmic insurance policy. Rather faith is about being open to God working in our life. It is about being open to being made into something new as God’s presence transforms our lives making us more like him.

Faith in God won’t protect us from ill not will it ensure a joyful unending celebration in this life, but it will give us the tools to cope as our lives take on an eternal perspective. Through faith we encounter God in new ways.

As we close the door on 2012 and open it on the bright untainted future of 2013 I wonder if we have the courage to open out hearts, minds & souls to a loving father who is desperate to walk the journey with us.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time” Ecclesiastes 3



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