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Breaking Silence

Daily_Mail_newspaper_front_pageI am currently off-grid for a while as I deal with some difficult things and situations. But I couldn’t let this pass without a comment. I cannot believe this disgusting twisting of facts and rampant isolationism from the odious Daily Fail. ‘Help Briton’s First’

Apparently flood vicitms are suffering ‘Unimaginable Hardship’.  Now, my heart goes out to anyone affected by the floods but ‘Unimaginable Hardships’?

I am all for help being given, especially in those areas where failings in infrastructure are the cause of the damage.  But there are a number of facts the Daily Fail and it’s UKIP buddies have conveniently missed in their call for UK foreign aid to be redirected.

Please don’t misunderstand me, the loss, damage and turmoil caused by flooding is hard to under-estimate and of course in our liberal, caring democracy help should be given by government, but here’s the bit that makes me angry.  The calls by the dangerous loonyism of UKIP and now legitimised by the disgusting Daily Mail are for our overseas aid budget to redirected to the UK.

Overseas Aid helps some of the poorest and most suffering people on the planet.  Let’s put that in to perspective with the ‘Unimaginable Suffering’ of flood victims in the UK.

Firstly, most of the affected people will be insured, meaning that this “unimaginbable hardship” is ultimately surmountable.  We all grumble about insurers, and we know they put profit above serving their customers.  But insurance is a luxury that only the rich industrialised nations can afford. Live in Bangladesh? Then when your home is flooded (and usually in that nation that means it gets washed away completely) then you have no insurer to help.

But even putting that aside, let’s look at some important facts about those huddled masses our aid budget helps.

  • Every year 6.9 Million Children under 5year of age die. That’s 800 children EVERY HOUR.  More than half of these deaths are preventable by cheap, readily available medicine and procedures.  Another third could be saved if more advanced healthcare were available.
  • Right now 783 Million people have no access to clean water. Meaning they daily drink, contaminated, disease ridden water. Knowing it could kill them.  £35 buys a pump that will clean dirty water for a village for a year.
  • The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that nearly 870 million people of the 7.1 billion people in the world, or one in eight, are suffering from chronic undernourishment right now.  That means they have no food and no prospect of getting enough food to sustain them.

These few facts are  just scrapping the surface of the true ‘Unimaginable Hardships’ in the world. 
This is where our foreign aid goes.  It goes to help those who will die unless we intervene.  

Now if you really believe that Britain’s victims of flood deserve this money more. Then go ahead divert our aid budget.

Come on let’s help those who have lost their homes, let’s campaign for governemnt help in the UK. But don’t let this odious political party and it’s middle-class racist printing press tell us that Briton s need our aid money more.

With that I will now resume my social media silence.



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