The process of leaving the church and more

One of my closest and oldest (Not meaning Si is ancient, just I have known him longer than most others) friends shared this. It is both sad for me and a wake up call to how we act, speak and behave as believers. Too often our actions and our words do more damage to God than good. Belief does not make all things right in our lives but I do passionately believe that God does have and want the best for us. The trouble is, the Church is too often too scared to engage with issues like this, and we hide behind nice little phrases and cliches rather than admitting that yes, life can be shit and that it is perfectly OK to scream and shout at God about it. Just like the prophets and people do throughout scripture.

My prayer is that I never lead a Church that is too scared to discuss or fail to be open to the difficult questions and challenges of our society and values.

An exploration of God, Life and Spirituality

I posted an article called “Breaking up with Jesus” on Facebook yesterday and got quite a response. I guess in retrospect I should have expected such a response but I often post things that are contrary to a traditionally Christian perspective. It’s intriguing why this post has provoked more. Maybe it’s in the language of the title “breaking up with Jesus”? Many people responded with a range of comments (both on comments on the post and in private messages to me). They were encouraging, pitying, worried, dogmatic, etc. So, I thought for those who are interested in where I am “spiritually” or “emotionally” I thought it would be easier to blog than write a big comment!

My background

I have been a Christian all my life. I was brought up by Christian parents. Our family went to church every week. From the ages of 12-16 I went to a…

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