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Boobs and their part in his (or her) downfall

I am a supporter of the fabulous ‘NoMorePage3’ campaign, and I urge you now, before you read any further to click this link and go to the petition and sign it. It is a shocking indictment of our society that images of semi-naked women are printed in a mainstream paper and that it is considered… Continue reading Boobs and their part in his (or her) downfall

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There’s something funny

A rather belated post, as I’ve been just too busy recently to complete my thoughts on this issue: I’ve been watching with interest the ongoing debate about MP pay. I am, as I’ve said before in awe of anyone who puts themselves forward for public office, for though the few bad eggs are the one’s… Continue reading There’s something funny

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God save the Queen. A Call to mission

I’ve read a lot of fascinating stuff and a lot of gumpf about the Queen this week.  I’ve seen fellow Christians like myself who respect the Queen’s faith and honour her place of service in the role of our nation. And I’ve read a lot of genuine & thought provoking questions about the monarchy from… Continue reading God save the Queen. A Call to mission

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Denial of Britishness

Sorry for the Hiatus folks, this is the first post in a while. As I write this Andy Murray is 2 sets down in the Wimbledon Men’s semi-final.  having, as always, been built up to a frenzy the British number one is in the un-enviable position of playing someone better at Tennis than he is,… Continue reading Denial of Britishness