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Who, Who are you, ahhhh

The first time I met Effie Osmond, who many of you will remember as a stalwart of our Church community, former post-mistress and a character in the finest of English traditions, I visited her in hospital. I was new to this wonderful parish and I entered with some trepidation, Effie’s reputation cut quite a wake… Continue reading Who, Who are you, ahhhh

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Synod, Suffragans & Sermons. Talk 25th November 2012

Readings: Galatians 3:21-29, John 20:1-18 I wonder how your week has been. I wonder how you feel as you come to worship today? Sometimes it’s hard as we gather here to remember why we do it. Why we get together and what it’s all for. Sometimes the issues and difficulties of our lives crowd in… Continue reading Synod, Suffragans & Sermons. Talk 25th November 2012

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Mother Father Tongue

I’m reading a book. It’s quite an old book too. OK, not old in the annals of publishing, but old considering how fast Christian paperbacks seem to age and fall out of favour! The book is called Signs and Blunders by Rev’d Peter Lawrence who until his death a couple of years ago, ministered up… Continue reading Mother Father Tongue