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Lent: Trials and Temptations.

I’m not very good at quiet – I’m quite a busy and frenetic person and so I find quiet difficult.  Back when I was at theological college I wrote an article in our student rag about my distaste for the quiet and monastic spirituality that we often promote in the western world and it got… Continue reading Lent: Trials and Temptations.

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Baptism & Covenant

Reading: Matthew 3:13-17 I don’t remember my baptism. I was just under a year old when it took place on 20th June 1976. I know the date because for reasons it has never been clear to me, my parents, still together at that time, chose my mum’s 37th birthday as the day to get me… Continue reading Baptism & Covenant

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We will remember

The subject of remembrance can be a tricky one for Christians. I mean how do we tread that fine line between remembering the sacrifice of so many young men and women but not glorifying the wars they fought in. I find the annual Remembrance Service is very important to me personally, When I was a… Continue reading We will remember

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Ashes to Ashes

2 Corinthians 5:20-6:10; John 8:1-11 The philosopher Kierkegaard once tried to describe the incarnation of God in Christ. He used this simple illustrative story: A certain king was very rich. His power was known throughout the world. But he was most unhappy, for he desired a wife. Without a queen, the vast palace was empty. One… Continue reading Ashes to Ashes

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Midnight Communion 2012

I hope everyone has got all their Christmas presents, ‘cos if you haven’t I am the bearer of bad news – it’s too late now, even the omnipresent Amazon won’t be able to get that last minute item to you on time now – miracle workers though they usually are. We all know the feeling… Continue reading Midnight Communion 2012

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In good times & bad

In good times & bad Wasn’t 2012 an amazing year for the country? Despite the ongoing economic woes we had the Queens Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and to end with the news that we have a new heir to the throne on the way. A year to celebrate for our nation. But I wonder how… Continue reading In good times & bad

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