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Baptism & Covenant

Reading: Matthew 3:13-17 I don’t remember my baptism. I was just under a year old when it took place on 20th June 1976. I know the date because for reasons it has never been clear to me, my parents, still together at that time, chose my mum’s 37th birthday as the day to get me… Continue reading Baptism & Covenant

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Who, Who are you, ahhhh

The first time I met Effie Osmond, who many of you will remember as a stalwart of our Church community, former post-mistress and a character in the finest of English traditions, I visited her in hospital. I was new to this wonderful parish and I entered with some trepidation, Effie’s reputation cut quite a wake… Continue reading Who, Who are you, ahhhh

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Epiphany – A whatany?

On Tuesday the Church around the world celebrated Epiphany – the day we recall the visit of the magi or wise men to Jesus, you can read it in Matthew chapter 2. We think we know the story, but I wonder if sometimes actually we remember the Christmas Card version of the story rather than… Continue reading Epiphany – A whatany?

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New Year, New Start?

Well 2009 is under way and the oasis of calm I described in my last post is officially over. Sunday saw the start of the year in terms of services. With 2 down that’s only 102 principle service to go before 2010. (excluding 8 o’clock communions, evening services and festivals etc). Of course that is… Continue reading New Year, New Start?