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Who, Who are you, ahhhh

The first time I met Effie Osmond, who many of you will remember as a stalwart of our Church community, former post-mistress and a character in the finest of English traditions, I visited her in hospital. I was new to this wonderful parish and I entered with some trepidation, Effie’s reputation cut quite a wake… Continue reading Who, Who are you, ahhhh

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We’ve been sold a Lie

We have, to my mind been sold a lie in the Western World. A lie that says all people are the same. We are not all the same. But we are all of equal value. We are all loved equally by God. The lie we have been sold is the one that tells us that… Continue reading We’ve been sold a Lie

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John 20:1-10 They went home. Does that strike you as odd? What would you do at such a discovery? You’d think they’d have gone running into the streets screaming and shouting about it. You’d think, like Mary they’d have been desperate to tell someone of their discovery. The thing is – suddenly everything had changed.… Continue reading #EverythingChanges

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Change trains

There was once a woman who commuted into the city each day, her husband at home with the children. They were very much in love and secure in their relationship. Each day the regular commuters would all gather for the train and inevitably there were occassional nods of recognition between some of the travellers. The… Continue reading Change trains

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Crying, waiting, hoping

Its a curious thing waiting for a diagnosis. There’s the waiting. The hanging around knowing you are expectant for something. The hoping, that what you suspect is wrong isn’t or that some miraculous healing will have occurred since the last hospital visit. And the Crying, the emotionsl realisation, if not of what is wrong, at… Continue reading Crying, waiting, hoping

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Reaching a con-Census

Well, that’s done for another 10 years, and if rumour is to be believed possibly for good.  The UK census 2011 has been done and submitted online in this house at least. I am not usually a census neigh-sayer nor do I get overly excited at the opportunity to fill in the form every decade. … Continue reading Reaching a con-Census

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I’m Back… …just.

It’s time to pick up the blog again after an extended break from my inane whitterings. It has to be said that the break was not intentional, but that there has been a lot going on here and blogging has taken a back-seat as we have struggled to deal with some fairly serious issues here… Continue reading I’m Back… …just.