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Crying, waiting, hoping

Its a curious thing waiting for a diagnosis. There’s the waiting. The hanging around knowing you are expectant for something. The hoping, that what you suspect is wrong isn’t or that some miraculous healing will have occurred since the last hospital visit. And the Crying, the emotionsl realisation, if not of what is wrong, at… Continue reading Crying, waiting, hoping

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I’m Back… …just.

It’s time to pick up the blog again after an extended break from my inane whitterings. It has to be said that the break was not intentional, but that there has been a lot going on here and blogging has taken a back-seat as we have struggled to deal with some fairly serious issues here… Continue reading I’m Back… …just.

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Trusting God…

…is hard to do! Last night at New Wine we had words spoken over my wife for our daughter who has suffered a dietary condition since she was 18 months old. It feels like she may have been healed, but the only way to tell is to get her to eat food that would otherwise… Continue reading Trusting God…