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Change trains

There was once a woman who commuted into the city each day, her husband at home with the children. They were very much in love and secure in their relationship. Each day the regular commuters would all gather for the train and inevitably there were occassional nods of recognition between some of the travellers. The… Continue reading Change trains

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Christmas and all that.

Well I'm back after an extended break – I'm not allowed to go into too many details because apparently people convicted of crime and duly sentenced by the legal system have rights not afforded to the victims. But enough about that – it is Christmas. Normally I love Christmas – I love the excitement of… Continue reading Christmas and all that.

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Hitting the Scales

One of the great challenges of life, and Parish life is no different, is what I call ‘getting the balance right’. Whether it is balancing family and friends, work and socialising, or – as has been the case these past few weeks for me – Pastoral and Functional work. Let me Explain: Most ministers and… Continue reading Hitting the Scales