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There’s something funny

A rather belated post, as I’ve been just too busy recently to complete my thoughts on this issue: I’ve been watching with interest the ongoing debate about MP pay. I am, as I’ve said before in awe of anyone who puts themselves forward for public office, for though the few bad eggs are the one’s… Continue reading There’s something funny

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Some time ago I met up unexpectedly with James Lawrence from CPAS at the 2011 CRE. At the time I was in my first year of a new post, having finished my curacy and taken the role as team vicar in my current parish. James asked me if I could write a few things about… Continue reading Transitions

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Uneven Ground

I recently posted about my changing views, understanding of the theology of human sexuality. I deliberatly did not enter directly into the question of marriage. This is partly because, despite nearly 15 years of experience as a married man, I still don’t really feel equipped to comment directly on the nature of marriage. While I… Continue reading Uneven Ground

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Illiberal liberalism

A very unusual thing happened to me today.  During a debate on twitter about women priests and bishops  I was called liberal. This is a first for me! Now much as I love the West Wing – I personally have never liked the term liberal, neither do I consider myself liberal. Far from it. Now… Continue reading Illiberal liberalism

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All alone.

Ratryn is off on her first Arrow Leadership residential tomorrow.  You can read about how she’s getting on with arrow here I am really excited for her, I did the Arrow programme myself back in 2009-10 and its the single most foundational thing I have done on terms om my leadership and living a fully… Continue reading All alone.