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Lent: Trials and Temptations.

I’m not very good at quiet – I’m quite a busy and frenetic person and so I find quiet difficult.  Back when I was at theological college I wrote an article in our student rag about my distaste for the quiet and monastic spirituality that we often promote in the western world and it got… Continue reading Lent: Trials and Temptations.

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Who, Who are you, ahhhh

The first time I met Effie Osmond, who many of you will remember as a stalwart of our Church community, former post-mistress and a character in the finest of English traditions, I visited her in hospital. I was new to this wonderful parish and I entered with some trepidation, Effie’s reputation cut quite a wake… Continue reading Who, Who are you, ahhhh

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We’ve been sold a Lie

We have, to my mind been sold a lie in the Western World. A lie that says all people are the same. We are not all the same. But we are all of equal value. We are all loved equally by God. The lie we have been sold is the one that tells us that… Continue reading We’ve been sold a Lie

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John 20:1-10 They went home. Does that strike you as odd? What would you do at such a discovery? You’d think they’d have gone running into the streets screaming and shouting about it. You’d think, like Mary they’d have been desperate to tell someone of their discovery. The thing is – suddenly everything had changed.… Continue reading #EverythingChanges

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Cost of Discipleship

Its Kat’s birthday today. If you know Kat you will know that Birthday’s are a BIG deal. They are really important to her. She loves birthdays, the presents, the celebration, the specialness of the day. This isn’t just about her Birthday, when it’s the children’s birthday she is usually up before they are – I’ve… Continue reading Cost of Discipleship

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Dublin and the ECUSA Accused

So a raft of Bishops from Traditional, Conservative and even some moderate Churches are boycotting the Dublin Primates conference. While I am sad that they won’t be represented,and concerned that moderate and doctrinally conservative theology may be under-represented in Dublin, I guess I am not surprised. Their stated reason for not attending seems to be… Continue reading Dublin and the ECUSA Accused

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At a loss

We are imminently expecting a new baby at the Rectory. It’s our ‘5th’ Child and despite being ‘old hands’ (with a little too much emphasis on old) its as an exciting event for us as number 1 was. But in that statement lies the dilemma I have felt since we were pregnant with our 3rd… Continue reading At a loss