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Boobs and their part in his (or her) downfall

I am a supporter of the fabulous ‘NoMorePage3’ campaign, and I urge you now, before you read any further to click this link and go to the petition and sign it. It is a shocking indictment of our society that images of semi-naked women are printed in a mainstream paper and that it is considered… Continue reading Boobs and their part in his (or her) downfall

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Cost of Discipleship

Its Kat’s birthday today. If you know Kat you will know that Birthday’s are a BIG deal. They are really important to her. She loves birthdays, the presents, the celebration, the specialness of the day. This isn’t just about her Birthday, when it’s the children’s birthday she is usually up before they are – I’ve… Continue reading Cost of Discipleship

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Change trains

There was once a woman who commuted into the city each day, her husband at home with the children. They were very much in love and secure in their relationship. Each day the regular commuters would all gather for the train and inevitably there were occassional nods of recognition between some of the travellers. The… Continue reading Change trains

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All alone.

Ratryn is off on her first Arrow Leadership residential tomorrow.  You can read about how she’s getting on with arrow here I am really excited for her, I did the Arrow programme myself back in 2009-10 and its the single most foundational thing I have done on terms om my leadership and living a fully… Continue reading All alone.

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The XXX-Factor

Well, ICANN the internet domain overseeing organisation has finally given permission the top-level domain .xxx to be registered and used. The arguments for and against this move have been wheeled out again and again over the years as ICANN has dragged its feet on making this decision for some time. In fact its a debate I can remember having way back in… Continue reading The XXX-Factor

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Expected Behavioural Differences

Recently heard this article mentioned in a lecture on Evangelism, it has been haunting me ever since. Many of you may have already read Mr Whyte’s comments, I think it is an article which caused quite a stir when it was printed back in September 08. The thing is, while I disagree with Jamie’s conclusions,… Continue reading Expected Behavioural Differences