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Breaking Silence

I am currently off-grid for a while as I deal with some difficult things and situations. But I couldn’t let this pass without a comment. I cannot believe this disgusting twisting of facts and rampant isolationism from the odious Daily Fail. ‘Help Briton’s First’ Apparently flood vicitms are suffering ‘Unimaginable Hardship’. ┬áNow, my heart goes… Continue reading Breaking Silence

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Boobs and their part in his (or her) downfall

I am a supporter of the fabulous ‘NoMorePage3’ campaign, and I urge you now, before you read any further to click this link and go to the petition and sign it. It is a shocking indictment of our society that images of semi-naked women are printed in a mainstream paper and that it is considered… Continue reading Boobs and their part in his (or her) downfall

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Rootin’ tootin’ Gun Totin’ Seven Year Old

So the latest media storm is over the idea that under tens can have a shotgun license, in one of the reports it even being reported that one was issued to a seven year old. What depravity! What stupidity! What NONSENSE! Yet again we see public opinion being formed through BAD and LAZY journalism. Sure… Continue reading Rootin’ tootin’ Gun Totin’ Seven Year Old