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Thou shalt not blaspheme the holy Rev

A little earlier today I posted a link to this article about the BBC Sitcom “Rev”, I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous about such a post but mainly because I have a strong dislike for the Guardian rather than because I had a fore-sense of the response I would get. It’s seems my… Continue reading Thou shalt not blaspheme the holy Rev

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Who, Who are you, ahhhh

The first time I met Effie Osmond, who many of you will remember as a stalwart of our Church community, former post-mistress and a character in the finest of English traditions, I visited her in hospital. I was new to this wonderful parish and I entered with some trepidation, Effie’s reputation cut quite a wake… Continue reading Who, Who are you, ahhhh

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Encounter with the risen Jesus

For what it’s worth, the message I am taking to 9:30 tomorrow: Acts 9:15; John 21:1-19 I often feel as if the lectionary readings we follow skip through the Easter story a bit fast, especially if you miss a week you can suddenly find yourself, as we do today, at the conversion of Paul wondering what… Continue reading Encounter with the risen Jesus

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Who leads the Church?

The past three weeks have been exciting here at St M’s. Taking the opportunity afforded us by a Community Remembrance Service in the village hall on the 11th we embarked on a long over-due renovation and redecoration of the Church building.  For two solid weeks a team of volunteers rallied and enabled by one couple specifically,… Continue reading Who leads the Church?

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What good can come out of Nazareth?

(or What complete Twit-ter!)   A few days ago I got to the point where I felt I needed to take a hiatus from Twitter.  This was never going to be a prolonged departure, I value my community of friends too much for that.  But I have over a period of some time got more… Continue reading What good can come out of Nazareth?

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The ‘E’ Word

It has finally happened. The General Synod of the Church of England has decided to debate the single most controversial, divisive, polarising and shocking issue in the Church today. Yes folks: The ‘E’ Word: Evangelism! Perhaps like me you are wondering what is so controversial about evangelism. Well apparently a lot, a movement of Synod… Continue reading The ‘E’ Word

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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace – I found this looking for something on YouTube – Fantastic… Advertisements