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Boobs and their part in his (or her) downfall

I am a supporter of the fabulous ‘NoMorePage3’ campaign, and I urge you now, before you read any further to click this link and go to the petition and sign it. It is a shocking indictment of our society that images of semi-naked women are printed in a mainstream paper and that it is considered… Continue reading Boobs and their part in his (or her) downfall

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Horse & Carriage

I’ve thought long and hard about posting on this issue.  Too often people who raise their heads above the parapet on the issue of human sexuality are shot down in proverbial flames of ‘Christian love’ and castigated for either being a wishy-washy liberal or an extreme conservative bigot.  I hope I am neither. I have come a… Continue reading Horse & Carriage

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Change trains

There was once a woman who commuted into the city each day, her husband at home with the children. They were very much in love and secure in their relationship. Each day the regular commuters would all gather for the train and inevitably there were occassional nods of recognition between some of the travellers. The… Continue reading Change trains

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Face Palm: Sex, lies and the Church

I read with dismay the headlines of today’s papers and immediately started to write of the CofE’s response to Same Sex Marriage as another anglican face-palm.  Then I read the actual report and found that, though perhaps unwise in tone, there was much in it that is thoughtful and considered. Though I have some questions… Continue reading Face Palm: Sex, lies and the Church