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Weddings, what is the real cost of the changes?

There are potentially big things a foot on the weddings front.  I was chatting earlier with my mole in the House of Clergy and  there’s a couple of things that will impact us here if the current proposals go through. My big concern is it looks like Synod are going to try and rush this… Continue reading Weddings, what is the real cost of the changes?

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Synod Shenanigans

I am a Christian. I am also a rather reluctant Anglican. Why reluctant? Well here it is, for all its faults I love the Church of England, in many respects it is a lumbering dinosaur of a Church. But it has a depth and breadth that is hard to find on other Churches. In England… Continue reading Synod Shenanigans

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The ‘E’ Word

It has finally happened. The General Synod of the Church of England has decided to debate the single most controversial, divisive, polarising and shocking issue in the Church today. Yes folks: The ‘E’ Word: Evangelism! Perhaps like me you are wondering what is so controversial about evangelism. Well apparently a lot, a movement of Synod… Continue reading The ‘E’ Word